As you know, the WPCA is passionate about building bench strength in our amazing industry. It is essential to provide college students an opportunity to explore the different facets of our business and encourage a career path in Paint & Coatings.  This relationship is reciprocal. The more students we support the better equipped and more successful they’ll be, in turn strengthening our industry with fresh talent to support future students. 

With our community’s help, we plan to offer the following resources to Wisconsin-area colleges: 

Career Exploration  

Sign up to meet virtually with students where they can ask questions and learn more about different careers to help shape their future decisions. 


Develop short technical presentations on a variety of industry topics to present at student club meetings. 

*Your HR Dept may offer volunteer credit for time spent with students 

Future growth for this Program includes job fairs, a virtual career development tool-kit, ask-the-expert panels and offering resources for a broader selection of careers within the industry. 



We are a strong, far-reaching community with unrivaled talent. I’m asking you, our esteemed members, to consider sharing your expertise with the next generation. 

Donate an hour to talk to an interested student. Share some presentation slides. Spend a lunch hour offering real-world insight on an important topic.  

If you are interested in being an Educational Outreach resource in any area or commitment level, please review the list below and email me at sarah.ferris@rustoleum to be added to our list of EO Champions. 


Thank you for your support! 

Sarah Ferris 

WPCA Educational Outreach Chair 


“Education is our greatest opportunity to give an irrevocable gift to the next generation.”  

– Ernie Fletcher 





Please email with your name, company, position, desired involvement and area of interest. 


Call 224-257-0272 with questions or recommendations. 


Thank you! 




Involvement Opportunities 

60-minute virtual meetings to highlight role and answer questions 

Create or Present short “101” type presentations on a given topic  

Half-day job shadowing (when in-person visits resume) 


Career Areas of Interest 



Regulatory/Environmental Health & Safety 




Supply Chain/Sourcing/Planning 


Transportation and Logistics 






Finance & Accounting